So I buy a new computer, and it has Windows 10 on it. It’s way better than Windows 8, but I had to take all sorts of junk off of it, and it still had the Windows App Store. What am I going to do with an app store? I use the web and I use Excel. Excel’s a program - I have no use for apps.

A good friend of mine made the statement above while we were catching up over the phone the other night.

This perceived difference between apps and programs was really interesting to me, and I dug in a bit more to try to get a feel for why he thought they were different. For him it seemed to be about value — apps are cheap or free and functionally trivial, while programs are more expensive and are for serious use.

This conversation was a nice reminder for me that my perspective as a person who builds software almost every day is often fairly different from the people I’m building software for.